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Zoe Hange ([personal profile] aberrant_type) wrote2017-02-21 04:39 pm

[community profile] lostraiders activity;

1. Toplevel: dreamsharing.
1.1 Giovanni: it's a little awkward to have him licking her boots on a very first date.
1.2 Shinya: a murdercamp is no place for a kid.
1.3 Mizar: the loveliness of a living planet.
1.4 Archer: what the fuck bro.

2 Toplevel: Come to me freaks please come to me!!!
2.1 Chuuya: Drinking.
2.2 Aurus: you handsome plant you.

3.1 Aurus: in the Grove.
3.2 Camilla: a beautiful day, a beautiful woman, on top of all that a beautiful dragon!
3.3 Yuuri: she hasn't randomly woken up in bed with people THAT OFTEN TBH

4 Toplevel: Bad pickup lines